About DEAL

The DEAL Project uses a style of therapy called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). This therapy has been shown in many research studies to be particularly effective at reducing depression and in helping people to get a better handle on their alcohol and other drug use. In particular, CBT encourages a person to look at the many different situations they are involved in every day, and examine how their reactions to those situations (their thoughts, assumptions, worries, etc.) may be affecting how they feel about that situation and how they behave.

Through the use of a range of different skills and strategies and strategies, CBT aims to help a person think, feel and behave differently in those situations, so that things can work out better for that person.

The DEAL Project is based on the SHADE program (Self-Help for Alcohol and other drugs and DEpression) which has been used in several research studies conducted in Australia, and has been shown to help people better manage symptoms of depression, reduce alcohol and other drug use and to improve their current life situation.

We hope that by working through the DEAL modules, you will also be able to see some of these benefits for yourself. You can move through each of these sections as quickly or slowly as you like – it is all up to you.

Throughout the DEAL modules, you will have the opportunity to hear about the experiences of a case study of your choosing, who might be in a similar position to you. In addition to these stories, you will learn different techniques to help you through your current situation. There are also a range of worksheets and information sheets available for you to print or save for future reference.

Thanks for trying the DEAL project and good luck.