Is The Deal Project for you?

This self-help program has been specifically designed for young people who are currently depressed and drink alcohol to cope. The DEAL project will help you to identify the areas of your life that are upsetting and provide you with the skills to deal with them, in healthier ways. Follow the steps below to register.

All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and only used (after de-identification) for the study purposes.

First off, we will need your email if you are eligible to join The Deal Project.

Register for the Deal Project

If you are experiencing problems with your mood, are feeling suicidal, or need to speak with someone urgently, we urge you to use the following organisations for immediate assistance.

If you are concerned about feelings or thoughts of suicide, a 24-hour service is available to help. The website for more information is or Ph: 1300 659 467. This organisation also provides a call back service, offering crisis counselling to people at risk of suicide, carers for someone who is suicidal, and those bereaved by suicide.